A semi-hard and cultured cheese that’s rich, robust and very flavoursome. We age it for a minimum of 2 months, allowing the cheese to develop rich mushroomy notes.

Suitable for snacking, slicing and grating.

Soft, creamy and indulgent. This cultured cheese undergoes a traditional fermentation process which allows it to age and develop complex flavour characteristics.


Slice it, spread it, bake it or add it to a cheeseboard.

Based on traditional Danish-style feta, which has a smooth, luscious texture similar to goats cheese (different to Greek feta, which is crumbly). This one is made from hemp seeds which makes it super high in protein and antioxidants, and keto-friendly.

Rich, creamy and packed with calcium and protein from hemp seeds. Smear it on bagels, sandwiches and use in cooking.


We currently offer 2 varieties:

- Chive, Onion & Dill

- Black Truffle & Garlic

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